About Myself

Fully qualified midwife, registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).
Supervised by the Local Supervising Authority and the local supervisor of midwives.
Equipment and drugs checked and approved every year by the local supervisor.
'Updating' and 'training' in emergency skills undertaken with local NHS midwives (includes specific Homebirth Sitiuations)
'ALSO ' Qualified - Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics
Qualified to do the required New Born Baby Examination
Qualified to divide Tongue-Tie
Experienced in home, hospital and waterbirths.


I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I have been privilged to facilitate 4 perfect birth experiences (both stories on 'birth story' page) for both my daughters and my daughter-in-law with their babies.

I believe women should have the birth they want, be able to choose and know their midwife and build a trusting relationship throughout their pregnancy. I also like to actively involve the partner and any other children in the family as much as possible.

I practise some complementary therapies. I use Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Raiki. aromatherapy, homeopathy, massage and reflexology. I also encourage the use of yoga and/or hypnosis for relaxation which is wonderful.

I love home births with women delivering in the pool it is so calm and natural, I get a real sense of achievement helping women to get the wonderful and fulfilling experience with me ‘just being there’ to share their special time.

I also have a passion in working with women to have an empowering birth after they have had a previous bad experience. This may have been through an instrumental delivery, caesarean section or just not being listened to during their last birth. I have lots of experience helping women with mental health problems who I find home birth particularly empowering for.

I am also happy to accompany women into hospital if that is the birth location they choose although I cannot work in hospital (no independent midwife can at this time) I can be there as birth supporter, helping after the birth with initiating breast feeding.

I am qualified to do the newborn check on your baby which is done within 72 hours of birth, so not waiting for a GP to do the check or an unnecessary trip to the postnatal ward for a paediatrician to check baby. I am also qualified to carry out the dividing of Tongue-Tie. This keeps the whole experience very personal.

Rene Schwencke RM
              H : 01322 339 304
              M : 07736 629 353
              E : reneschwencke@hotmail.com