Post Natal Care

The post natal time is very special to you, your partner, any other children and to the baby who needs lots of time and care as you become a family. I believe help with feeding is particularly important.

There is no rush immediately after your baby is born. You will have lots of time to welcome and greet your baby. No one will take your baby away from you and you will be able to cuddle and feed the baby until you are ready to have a bath or shower and be made comfortable. I will weigh and check your baby with you, and will stitch you if necessary. (I always have plenty of local anaesthetic with us!!) If, however, you have your baby in hospital circumstances may be different, although as your midwife I will usually stay until you are settled

If you have had your baby at home we will stay with you until about 3 hours after the birth, making sure you are comfortable and know where to contact me should you need to before the next visit. If your baby is born in hospital we will decide with you and your partner whether you're ready to go straight home or whether you want to stay the night in hospital. If you stay in hospital it may be possible for you to have a single room (for which you might have to pay a fee to the hospital.)

During the first week after the birth I will visit every day, whether you’ve had a home or a hospital birth. If you need to stay in hospital I will still visit you there.

Once it is clear that you are doing well post natal visits will usually be spaced out to about twice a week, until the baby is a month old. Visits last about 30-45 minutes.