Picture Gallery

Here are some of the recent babies we have caught......


Polly 7lb 8oz born June 2014


Zach 8lb 10oz born June 2014


Maeve 9lb 3oz born May 2014


Xander 7lb 8oz born December 2013


Sophie 8lb 9oz born November 2013


Aaron 8lb 3oz born October 2013


Oliver 6lb 15oz born March 2014


Joby 8lb 6oz born March 2014


Beatrix 8lb 7oz born March 2014


Serena 7lb 15oz born February 2014


Lara 9lb 2oz born September 2013


Ariana 7lb 13oz born January 2014


Lucas 8lb 3oz born January 2014


Conor 7lb 10oz born November 2013


Matilda 6lb 2oz born October 2013


Theo 7lb 10oz born October 2013


Matilda 8lb 2oz born September 2013


Rosie 8lb 4oz born July 2013


Louis 6lb11oz born August 2013


Sebastian 7lb 9oz born July 2013


Indiana 7lb 1oz born June 2013


Oscar 6lb 15oz born June 2013


Phoebe 7lb 14oz born May 2013


Mirielle 7lb 0oz born May 2013


Aurora 7lb 0oz born March 2013


Benjamin 9lb 8oz born February 2013


Josie 8lb 7oz born February 2013


Chloe 7lb 11oz born January 2013


Isla 7lb 13.5oz born January 2013


Theo 6lb 13oz born December 2012


Lyra 9lb 5oz born December 2012


Benjamin 8lb 5oz born December 2012


Tess 7lb 15oz born December 2012


Fraser 10lb 1oz born November 2012


Xanthe 9lb 6oz born November 2012


Jasper 7lb 8oz born November 2012


Marco 9lb 11.5oz born October 2012


Zach 8lb 0oz born July 2012


Liza 9lb 0oz born October 2012


India 5lb 14oz born October 2012


Oliver 7lb 11oz born September 2012


Knightley 7lb 15oz born September 2012


Charlotte 6lb 10oz born September 2012


Albi 6lb 15oz born June 2012


Annie 9lb 5oz born June 2012


Harry (my 7th Grandchild)

6lb 13.5oz born June 2012


Jonah-James 8lb11.5oz born June 2012


David 7lb 4.5oz born June 2012


Esme 8lb 2oz born May 2012


Amelia 8lb 8.5oz born April 2012


Ashanti 6lb 6oz born April 2012


Giorgio 7lb 1oz born April 2012


Aymeric 6lb 13oz born April 2012


Anton 7lb 2oz born April 2012


Chester 8lb 0oz born January 2012


Seren 8lb 1oz born December 2011


Sophia + Isabella 4lb 1oz & 3lb 4oz born December 2011


Oliver 7lb 10oz born December 2011


Belle 6lb 4oz born December 2011


Jonah 8lb 9oz born November 2011


Charlie 9lb 3oz born October 2011


Jasper 5lb 15.5oz born October 2011


Henry 11lb 0oz born October 2011


Sophie 7lb 7.5oz born October 2011


Hayden 7lb 2oz born August 2011


Lauren 6lb 5oz born July 2011


Isobel 9lb 2oz born July 2011


Christopher 10lb 4.5oz born June 2011


Harriet 8lb 11oz born May 2011


Edith 7lb 3oz born April 2011


Emily 9lb 4.5oz born April 2011


Sam 7lb 15oz born April 2011


Dolly 10lb 12oz born April 2011


Jasper 8lb 10oz born April 2011


George 7lb 4oz born March 2011


Zach (my 6th Grandchild & 100th Homebirth)

9lb 4oz born March 2011


Benedict 7lb 4.5oz born March 2011


Wilfred 7lb 13oz born March 2011


Nancy 8lb 0oz born March 2011


Cassius 9lb 7oz born February 2011


Leo 8lb 6oz born February 2011


Dexter 7lb 12oz born February 2011


Callum 10lb 0oz born February 2011


Jessica 8lb 7oz born February 2011


Bonny 7lb 7oz born January 2011


Noah 7lb 10oz born December 2010


Annie 6lb 10oz born December 2010


Sebastian 8lb 4oz born December 2010


Seren 9lb 3oz born December 2010


Gabriel 8lb 9oz born December 2010


Edan 6lb 8oz born December 2010


Ben 7lb 1oz born November 2010


Valentino 9lb 15oz born November 2010


Freddie 7lb 9oz born November 2010


Flynn 9lb 10oz born November 2010


Gabriel 7lb 7oz born October 2010


Valentina 7lb 0oz born September 2010


Edward 8lb 3.5oz born September 2010


Read 7lb 2oz born August 2010


Robbie 8lb 8oz born August 2010


Ella 8lb 4oz born July 2010


Noah 8lb 8oz born July 2010


Nancy 9lb 2oz born July 2010


Oscar 8lb 10oz born July 2010


Max 10lb 7oz born July 2010


Samuele 8lb 4oz born June 2010


Emmy 8lb 1oz born May 2010


Jemima 9lb 14oz born May 2010


Luna 7lb 6oz born May 2010


Halle 5lb 8oz born May 2010


Nathaniel 8lb 13oz born April 2010


Alexander 6lb & Cameron 5lb 12oz

Twins born April 2010


Christina 6lb 5oz born March 2010


Oliver 8lb 6oz born March 2010


Mia (my 5th Grandchild)

9lb 7oz born February 2010


Cole 10lb 11oz born January 2010


Campbell 9lb 2oz born January 2010


Violet 7lb 15oz born December 2009


Sebastian 7lb 15oz born December 2009


Emily 8lb 5oz born December 2009


George 8lb 10oz born November 2009


Penny 7lb 9oz born November 2009


Celia 5lb 14oz born October 2009


Sebastian 8lb 13oz born September 2009


Jessica 5lb 13oz born August 2009


Noah 7lb 5oz born July 2009


Ellie 8lb 6oz born July 2009


Summer Rose 7lb 12oz born June 2009


Amelya Anne 6lb 8oz born June 2009


Isabella Rose 8lb 12oz born June 2009


Harrison 6lb 15oz born April 2009


Sean 8lb 4.5oz born April 2009


Alfie 7lb 0oz born April 2009


Andrew 6lb 2oz born Jan '09 and REALLY enjoying a bath !!


Oliver 10lb 11oz born January 2009


Edward 7lb 7oz born November 2008


Harry 8lb 3oz born November 2008

  Viktoria 8lb 8oz born November 2008
  Frank 7lb 3oz born November 2008

Pasha 9lb 1oz born November 2008


Thomas 7lb 1oz born October 2008


friendship starts early Thomas and Charlie..... see Charlie below


Haider 7lb 5.5oz born October 2009

  Daniel 8lb 10oz born October 2008
  Katherine 6lb 8oz born October 2008

Charlie 7lb 6oz born October 2008


friendship starts early Thomas and Charlie.....

  Elliott 8lb 1oz born October 2008
  Archie 5lb 15oz born August 2008
  James 8lb 2oz born July '08 and enjoying !! his 1st Birthday
  Tacy 6lb 14oz born July 2008
  Charles 8lb 6oz born June 2008

Sienna 9lb 10oz born June 2008

My GRANDAUGHTER :))))) who I was Midwife to

Sienna plus 2 of the other grandchildren - Big Brother Harrison & Cousin Skye

  Austen 7lb 10oz born May 2008
  Sebastian 8lb 6oz born May 2008

Riley born May 2008

( at Birth & 6mths of age )


Alex 6lb 15oz born April 2008

( at Birth & 6wks of age )


Toren 5lb 5oz and Mairead 6lb 4oz born April 2008

( at Birth & 6mths of age )

  Maisie 7lb 4oz born March 2008
  Charlie 8lb 4oz born March 2008

Florence 7lb 12oz born February 2008

(at birth and with sister Emily & brother Peter)


Charlie 8lb 9oz born February 2008

( 1wk, 3mths & 8mths of age )

  Jack 8lb 4oz born January 2008

Wilma 8lb 0oz born January 2008


Lilly 7lb 8oz born November 2007

( 1mth & 4mths of age )


Amelia 8lb 2oz born November 2007

( 1wk & 6mths of age )

  Liam 6lb 15oz born October 2007
  Nuala 5lb 1oz born October 2007
  Jamie 8lb 4oz born September 2007
  George Charlie 8lb 1oz and Thomas born July 2007
  Summer 7lb 6oz born July 2007
  Harry 9lb 3oz born June 2007
  Jessica 7lb 3oz born April 2007
  Safiya 10lb 12oz born April 2007
  Tate 7lb 3oz born March 2007
  Alex 7lb 3oz born February 2007
  Nikita 8lb 9oz born December 2006
  Olivia 4lb 14oz born December 2006
  Tolly 8lb born November 2006

Theo 7lb 1oz born September 2006

( 11mths & 20mths of age)

  Logan 7lb 8oz born August 2006
  Leah 7lb 13oz born August 2006

Tate 7lb 1oz and Anja 5lb 14oz born July 2006

& at April 2010


Alice 9lb 1oz born July 2006


Charlie and Alice 9lb 1oz born July 2006


Mimi born July 2006

  Chiara 8lb 1oz born June 2006
  Sam 6lb 2oz and Jacob 7lb 1oz born June 2006

Mary 8lb 4oz born April 2006

( 1mth & 3yrs of age)

  Christopher 8lb 2oz born April 2006
  Frank 9lb 11oz born March 2006
  Nathaniel 11lb 4oz born March 2006
  Harry 5lb 13oz born December 2005
  George & Harry 5lb 12oz born December 2005
  Daisy born October 2005
  Jessie born October 2005


Fleur Oct 01, Jacob Nov 03 & Cleo July 05



Jacob, Fleur, new baby Noah (July '09), Caleb (2007) & Cleo