Philosophy of Care

I believe that being pregnant and giving birth are the most natural things, and most women do these extremely well in almost all situations. Hence Itry to interfere as little as possible with a woman’s physiological and psychological processes. I try to help you birth the way you want to. I also believe that the post natal period is vital to the well-being of the family and therefore undertake more care during this time than is common in the NHS.

I both believe in the NHS would love to offer the sort of care we offer be available to everybody. Unfortunately I also know that the NHS don't always have the time, or resources to do justice to such, to such a momentous experience.

My aim is to offer you our knowledge and expertise, but at the same time I like you to become confident in your own decision making. Therefore I don’t rush any decisions and will help you to make up your own mind about how you want things to go. Two-way communication is an important part of being flexible and accommodating so I like you to identify your needs to me, as well as your own limitations.

With this in mind I will tailor your care to meet your individual needs, and to make your birth experience unique to you.