Which Midwife?

As your midwife I will be the one you first contact, if I'm available when your baby's due. If not, I will get your other midwife to contact you. As your main midwife I will meet you for your consultation, if you want one, and will then do all your ante natal care until 30 weeks, when I will alternate visits with your second midwife. This way you get to know your two midwives. Most women will have their main midwife looking after them in labour, but it's good to have a second midwife in case you have a long labour and the first midwife needs a break or if I am unexpectedly unavailable.

When Should You Book?

As early as possible to be sure we can take care of you and so that you have someone to ask all the early pregnancy questions. I often have places later, so if you are further on in pregnancy please just phone to find out.


Please see Neighbourhood Midwives site for services :

Ante natal, labour and post natal care upto 6 weeks
On call for you 24 hours a day
Consultation in your own home
Known midwives
Care at home or Birth Support in NHS hospital
Arranging blood tests and ultrasound scans, within the NHS, if and when required