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In the normal NHS system, despite excellent care, you may meet a different midwife or doctor at each ante natal visit and have little chance to develop a relationship with the person caring for you in labour and afterwards. That’s why having your own personal midwife can make such a difference to your birth experience.

Due to a European Union Directive we are no longer able to work as Independent Midwives due to Insurance and CQC registration requirements. However a fantastic NEW Midwifery Service has been created called 'Neighbourhood Midwives' that offers the same level of care, is CQC registered and provides Insurance. We both now work for Neighbourhood Midwives, so please use the Link to go to the Neighbourhood Midwives website. This contains all the information you need to know about how we work and the care we can provide to you before, during and after the birth of your baby.

Neighbourhood Midwives offers full ante natal, labour and post natal care. Most of this takes place in your own home, where we believe the cup of tea and time to chat is just as important as checking how your pregnancy is progressing. You can discuss all the birth options available to you and make informed choices for yourself.


Free Consultation

Neighbourhood Midwives offer a free consultation in your home so you and your partner can meet your midwife before you decide about taking us on. This gives you the chance to ask whatever questions you like and to get a ‘feel’ of the way we work. We like you to take a few days to think about booking, and then to let us know your decision within a week of the consultation. Below is a brief summary of the facets of care that we offer from our Independent Midwifery service. For more information, pictures, Birth Stories and our Birth Statistics please use the other pages on our site.

With our support you don't have to go to a doctor for care unless you choose to.
If you need to see a doctor during pregnancy we can arrange an appointment and will come with you, if you want.
We don’t expect you to make decisions about labour at the beginning of your pregnancy, but will work with you throughout the ante natal period to help you make choices.
You can change your mind about these choices at any time, even in labour, at home or in hospital. we are comfortable with home or hospital births and happy to work with other practitioners such as hospital doctors and homoeopaths.
We have good relationships with doctors and midwives in local hospitals.
We encourage the use of water for pain relief in labour but if you choose an epidural, we’ll happily support you in that.
After your baby is born we visit as often as you need during the first month. Usually this is daily for the first week.
The fee is very reasonable and can be paid in instalments. (See the "More Information" section)
Most of your care will be with one midwife, with backup from the other midwife.
We limit the number of women we book so we can give you the personal care you want.
There has been a lot of research into the many positive effects of having support at the birth, which includes a lowering of the Caesarean section rate and reduced rates of post natal depression. For more information see our "Useful Web Links" webpage for Midirs "Informed Choice" leaflet on Support in Labour available from their website.

Content Updated : July 2013


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