At 36 weeks I will spend a couple of hours, or more if necessary, explaining the process of labour. This will cover planning your choices together with your partner and any other birth supporters that you plan to have with you.

When you are in labour I will visit you at home to assess how far along you are. Then depending on the situation I will either stay with you from then on, or may leave for a while and return later.

Unless it has been agreed beforehand that you need to be in hospital to have your baby, you can wait until labour to decide whether you wish to continue and have your baby at home, or transfer into hospital at any time. I am very experienced at both home and hospital birth and believe that you will labour best wherever you feel safest. As a private midwife local hospitals do NOT offer 'honorary contracts' so I will only be able to accompany you as a birth supporter. However I am known, and have very good relationships, with all the local hospitals.

In view of this it is a good idea to be ready for both home or hospital birth: with a plastic sheet and plenty of kitchen roll ready for a home birth, and a bag packed ready to go to hospital. I will give you a list of what to pack, and exactly what is need for home, including plenty of tea and biscuits !