Home or Hospital?

Having a baby is an unpredictable, amazing, wonderful experience. It is impossible to know beforehand how you are going to feel at the time, or how the baby is going to react to labour. I enjoy home births, but are equally happy to help women to have a good experience in hospital: ‘a home birth in hospital’. So I like you to be prepared for both!

Most women start labour at home and can make the decision then about where they want to birth. Of the first time mums wanting to have their baby at home 57% (24 out of 42), for mums of 1 or more babies 95% (53 out of 56 this includes VBACs), have their babies at home. The rest of the mums chose hospital or Birth Centre as their favoured place of birth. Of all births 80% were normal, whether home or hospital (normal in this instance means No induction, augmentation or use of epidural).

If you know you need to have your baby in hospital or are planning a caesarean section, I do some of the ante natal care in your home so we still have time for the cup of tea and chat. I also come with you (if that is what you want) to see the obstetrician. This way we can make plans together so you have the best care possible.

Post natally you will have the same care whether you had your baby at home or in hospital - with a midwife you have come to know during your pregnancy.