Ante Natal Care

I will visit in your own home at times that suit you and your partner. If you have children already I like to involve them in your ante natal care, too. Ante natal visits are more frequent than possible in the NHS, being monthly until 30 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly until you give birth. You may have more or fewer visits as you choose, or as needed.

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The booking visit and the visit at 36 weeks (planning for your birth) take about 2 hours, other visits about an hour. This gives you time to ask questions, go through test results plus begin to understand and prepare for labour and the post natal period. Since I will be caring for you throughout labour and the post natal period you will still have plenty of time to talk through your experience and make sense of any changes that had to be made to your original plans.

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I can arrange scans in the local hospitals if you want these, or if you wish to go to the private sector I can give you details of relevant centres. If at any time there is a need, or you wish to see an obstetrician I can arrange the appointment for you and if you would like I happily will accompany you. I can take any blood necessary for testing in the comfort of your own home, relieving you of the NHS queuing system.

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I am available for you 24/7 from the time you book. You can contact me by phone, text or e-mail (Contact Us). In this way any questions or queries you may have can be dealt with straight away, rather than waiting for your next appointment.

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